Production manager for Nordic Printing is Pétur R. Pétursson who has worked within the printing sector from the year 1983. Quality and service is our aim!

what is we do?

We are a printing media, texting- and layout/design studio. The process is simple; we find the most suitable for each project. We make a plan and a price offer. When that is completed, we can design the printing work for you, the book, brochures or newsletter – in whichever kind of printing you choose.  We offer you a fixed price quotation. During the production period we make sure that the quality of the work is acceptable and we prepare for delivery. At the end of the production we make sure that the delivery is quick and successful and that you receive your printing work at the set time.

years of experience

safe service

Printing service needs to be secure. For the most part it is built on knowledge, meticulousness and experience. We know that what matters is that the work is done well, fast and at a good price and that it is delivered at the appointed time. Nordic Printing is in good collaboration with graphic designers, printers, printing shops and transporting agents that ensure that you will receive the service which has been agreed upon. Choose knowledge and experience.